Studio Mini Experience

First of all, I am SO excited and thrilled that you are here. These studio minis are kind of a new concept, but I want you to know that my biggest motivation behind these is to give women who would normally be considered clients a model experience. My favorite part of portrait shoots may not even be the shooting, but the preparation. I like to style sets and outfits for them. I like to give direction for hair and makeup. I like for it to all make sense and come together in the end. The reason I send this out is to let you know that my approach to you is not just of a client, but a model that we would be styling a shoot for.

So what you will see below is an inspo board for outfits and styles. Some of them are more reserved, and some of them are a bit more bold. Don't be afraid to be bold with your choices! Keep in mind you don't have to shop WITHIN these looks. This is just something to get you going in the direction that I think would look great for this shoot.

With that being said, please know that you ARE a client and you ARE paying me money for these photos. So if you just do not dig the styling and the theme, you can 100% opt for something different.

Last thing - PLEASE feel free to message me your ideas. Pictures of stuff that you are looking at as a possibility. I can help you decide if you are having problems or you just want confirmation that I think something will look great!

A lot of these images came from - - . You definitely dont have to shop here (or shop at all if you have something that you want to wear), but we love their stuff!

So this is the look!

While this is not EXACTLY what I am doing, it should give you a really good idea of the direction I am heading. I am going for a pretty chill mood with these. Think comfort. Think "I want to lounge around but I want my BF (or husband) to think I am cute as hell." For colors, think neutral. Lighter colors like off-white and white, beige, light tan. Not that a little color is wrong or bad, but keeping it on the lighter shade will fit the mood better.

The colors of the outfit and the lighter color hat would be awesome!

Chunky sweaters are great. Off the shoulder with a bralette look would be amazing with this shoot.

Not just any dress may work, but something super casual and comfy that you can move around in like this would be KILLER for this shoot. Remember you will be sitting as well.

Watch Rachel and dress like her? I am a sucker for 90s vibes and this would be awesome.

A TAD more formal than the first dress option, but again would totally work! Love the color.

This entire outfit is amazing. The colors are great. This is a little less "loungy" than a lot of outfits but would still be great.

Super comfortable top and bottom. Probably not going to go super overdone hair like this, but the look itself if perfect.

We are a FAN of mom jeans. The lighter wash jeans look more casual for this look, too. And this just graphic champion sweater? Yeah it works perfect!

A little more dressy, and a little more color than a lot of the inspo, but totally love it!

Kind of like the last outfit, but more plain bottoms. LOVE it!

Fan of the hats. This dress would still work perfect, but it DOES look a little more difficult to maybe move around.

So simple. The jeans are a little more loose than may be normal, but that really works amazing with a more comforting vibe like this would work awesome.

Ok so - I realize these boots are a far cry from the rest of the inspo but WOW I love them. This is mostly in here for the jean skirt (roole's website) and the tucked top. I just think it would look great!

Cuper comforting vibe. I actually will be editing several of these in black and white.

This is in here for the top.

A really edgy and different look.

I love this top and this really relaxed look.

Everyone say Hi Rachel.

Who is brave enough? Hey I like to push the envelop and this definitely does that.

These pants may straight up blend in with the background and foreground of this set which would be awesome.


What's next?

Ok so you have your date. You have your outfit inspo and theme. Start shopping your closet or other people's closets, or use this as an excuse to do some shopping for something new! I will be sending out the exact times of your shoots next week! Almost everyone got hair and makeup, so I will send you a show up time and a shoot time. You'll probably be at the studio for 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the style and everything. I am super super excited about this and I think it will be really beautiful!