First thing's first -I am cheering you on.

I am so happy that you have ended up here. Being asked to mentor someone is probably one of the absolute biggest honors that I have ever received. I want a mentor session to be a chance for you can freely express what you need for your business to continue growing. Whether you are completely new to photography or videography, or you just need some inspiration, I am here to help.

I love being a creative, but I also love education. Over the course of my career I have become comfortable extending my knowledge and experience to other people. Let's talk about how to make you better.

I am offering digital calls, in person chats, AND a more in depth experience that will include a live styled shoot.

Digital Call - 1 hour

1 hour digital skype session. In this session we can cover anything you want, and really dig deep into areas you wish to improve in! It's best if you have a few areas that you want to cover.


One on One - 3 hours

3 hour in person meeting. Will take place at our studio in Russellville, Arkansas. Ideal for local-ish creatives. We will meet for coffee(s) at our studio and chat about anything and everything related to you and growing your business!


One on One + Styled Shoot - 6 hours

We will begin by meeting in person and chatting about your business and making a plan to grow it and become more successful.

After the Q&A portion, we will do a live styled shoot that we will set up. We will provide live feedback and comments during and after the shoot at a lunch or dinner.


Potential and Popular Topics

  • Goal Setting
  • Building a brand
  • Defining your style
  • Attracting your ideal client
  • How to connect with your people
  • Data workflow
  • Editing Workflow
  • Leveraging video on your current gear to grow your business
  • Video basics and editing video
  • Client Communication
  • Pricing
  • Social Media
  • Collaborating / cultivating your community

To book or ask about a mentorship, click the button below and fill out the form and I will get back with you soon!

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